Enter the World of  "Eti Shukrun Wigs", where you can easily find your very own glamorousפאה ארוכה בהירה and comfortable wig.

At "Eti Shukrun Wigs" we manufacture luxurious, rich and natural looking wigs made from a 100% natural European and Brazilian hair.

Every wig we create in our boutique shop starts with a meticulous hand selection process of European and Brazilian hair – the finest hair in the world. It is than designed and styled by combining our extensive knowledge and experience with today's modern methods of weaving and styling. Our handmade wigs are incredibly light and
comfortable to wear
, in addition all our wigs are easy to style, wash, and cut for ultimate versatility.


"Eti Shukrun Wigs" are designed for the uppermost class,  and are prepared with plenty of hair to allow us to tailor it to your exact taste. We can, trim, layer, cut, style and provide you with the most natural look possible.


Our Hair Room Team processes every strand of hair that we use. We do not use any chemicals on it, and do not color it. The hair is soft and silky and can be left natural, waved or curled as required; our custom made wigs are matched to your individual requirements, making your finished wig or hairpiece truly unique. A team of specially trained hairdressers will style your wig, and also offer a cleaning, re-styling and repair service as well.


We guarantee a custom made wig that is easy to look after, and at the same time strong and durable. It is our special attention to details that ensures maximum life possible for the investment that you make. Our services also suit clients with total hair loss and those with partial hair loss.

We offer a superb maintenance service led by a trained team of seamstresses who can easily repair and adjust your wig to extend its life. Eti Shukruns' specialists are on hand to clean and style your custom made wig or hairpiece – enabling you to keep it in tip top condition. When you purchase a product from our catalogue you can be sure you will always have an answer in case of a problem.


"Eti Shukrun Wigs" provides an individual personal service that ensures we completely understand what exactly you are looking for. enables us to deliver an excellent Tailor Made service just for you.We offer private consultation rooms and take pride in offering truly outstanding service, from your very first visit right through the life of your Wig or Hairpiece.

When we combine our wig making technology with our outstanding quality hair you will immediately wonder how come you have never worn our custom made wigs before.

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